Alton Maddox on “Community Cop”


Alton Maddox on “Community Cop”

            An “Appreciation Day” for “Friends of Like It Is” will be held at the Harlem-famed Cotton Club on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.  It is now enjoying its first anniversary.  Among other things, “Friends of Like It Is” is documenting the absence of Blacks in public affairs programming on local television stations.

            The trial of this issue will be held in Washington, DC in 2014.  “Friends of Like It Is” hopes to sustain itself until the trial.  If Black people will not help, “social parasites” should at least refrain from crashing the Saturday meetings at the Cotton Club.  “Friends of Like It Is” can ill-afford to fight on two fronts.

            In the meantime, “Community Cop” has been a blessing.  With the defunct “Like It Is”, it has become a model for public affairs programming given its format. Commercial television is required to furnish public affairs programming since the airwaves on commercial television are supposed to be free. 

            In a “democracy”, public affairs programming is supposed to be a condition precedent to voting.  In practice, the Black vote is discounted.  This is why President Barack Obama elevates whites over Blacks.  No group will be considered the equal of another group when it refuses to demand and enforce media rights.  There is a relationship between “power” and “rights”.

            “Community Cop”, which is not subject to FCC law, refuses to practice censorship while “Open Line” on WBLS-FM widely practices censorship.  WLIB-AM follows suit.  “Caldwell Chronicles” on WBAI-FM and “Meeting in the African Village Square” on WVIP-FM are, on the other hand, models for independent, public affairs programming.   They join “Community Cop” and Bro. Leroy on WHCR-FM.

            Commercial television is required to furnish public affairs programming since the airwaves are supposed to be free.  It started with “Meet the Press” in 1948.  By 1958, “Meet the Press” had only two Blacks as guests:  Dr. Ralph Bunche and Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.  In the meantime, Medgar Evers was waging a war against two local television stations in Jackson, MS.

            I can be heard on “Community Cop” this Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.  I will also discuss the economic attack on the Cotton Club.  Eliot Spitzer initiated this attack when he sponsored a free barbecue at the nearby Dinasour Restaurant. Blacks ate pork ribs “hook, line and sinker”.

            Now, Dinasour Restaurant is conducting the war.  Of course, Dinasour Restaurant is white-owned   The Cotton Club plans a counter-attack and needs the help of the Black community.  The Cotton Club is an institution of Black history and culture but whites intend to sanitize Harlem. We must defend our history and culture.

            Columbia University sought to remove the “Cotton Club” from Harlem to further its program of cultural genocide.  All remnants of Harlem must be removed according to Columbia.  Also, John Beatty put up the Cotton Club as “ransom” after I had to “befriend” District Attorney Sol Greenberg before an Albany judge would release Rev. Al Sharpton from jail in 1989 on felony charges.  Otherwise, he would have had to languish in jail for one year before the trial.  His well-known “friends” ran for the tall grass.

            The late Justice Bruce Wright taught me a valuable lesson about the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  A criminal defendant who makes bail has a greater chance of securing an acquittal.  The handwriting is on the wall.  A state is hesitant to imprison a white vigilante.

            By Florida refusing to prosecute George Zimmerman separately for making perjurious statements in his bail application, he will enjoy a better chance of beating the separate charge of murdering Trayvon Martin.  There has been no response from leading Blacks. I was the last attorney to put a white man behind bars.  I am still paying for it. Blacks also ran for the tall grass when the going got tough.